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Electronic appliances into upgrading peak

Time:2016-01-27 11:41 Author:Suny Group

At present, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, computer and other home appliances necessary has been a common people. At the same time, the improvement of technology and growing demand pushed the development of China's home appliance industry. Starting in the 1980 s, electric equipment manufacturing industry more and more prosperous, electrical and electronic products but also the peak of enter the upgrade.

However, with the speeding up of the home appliance upgrade, the amount of waste electrical appliance is becoming more and more big. Statistics show that China's main electrical products scrap amount each year more than 200 million units, the average annual growth of 20%, to 2031, the main electrical appliances product scrap amount will reach 516 million units.

So what does it mean to large household appliances scrap? These are eliminated by our home appliance, it is really no any value again for us? Recycling of waste household appliances is valued by more and more of the "waste", hiding how exactly "treasure", the "treasure mountain" and how to use?

Gold can be extracted of waste household appliances

A piece of waste printed circuit board can be made into steel powder and nonmetal powder, used in construction materials and fire prevention materials; A abandoned television set after harmless treatment, dismantling material can be used in manufacturing plastic products, energy-saving tube, and is used in the smelting plant raw materials. After dismantling and disposal the waste electric and electronic products recycling utilization rate of 100% ",

Some experts pointed out that the earth's environment and the earth's resources, it is a good iron ore than scrap steel, however, urban waste household appliances, electronic waste is rich in rare metals such as gold and silver, 1 ton waste circuit board can be extracted 400 grams of gold, is one of the richest gold mine in the world.

At the moment for the processing of electronic waste, or can't keep up with the speed of electronic waste, it will be a very promising direction, we are a company specialized in r&d and production of environmental protection equipment, can consult us, we can provide the whole e-waste recycling machine.

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