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Electronic waste will be mostly from developing countries

Time:2016-05-13 12:27 Author:Suny Group

StEP: by 2017, the world's e-waste will rise to 65.4 million tons, mostly from developing countries. Report predicts that in 2020, India scrap old computer will be 500% in 2007, South Africa's scrap computer will be 200% in 2007.

Mining gold in the waste

Many electronic waste contain precious metals such as gold, silver and copper. The U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA), according to the value of 1 ton circuit boards up to 800 times 1 tons of gold ore. For a outdated computer, from the motherboard to plastic shell and other components can be recycled.

Eastern India Calcutta, thousands of tons of electronic waste by waste dealers are collected. Residents carry sacks full of parts in the shoulder, to the factory, waste electronic products were dismantled and extract some valuable parts be sent to street-side shop sales.

This has created one of the most famous business district Chandni khooni. Where people can buy wire and wireless network router, and even discarded the camera.

Each year, according to Indian produced 270000 tons of e-waste. Researchers in India, according to a report issued by the e-waste recycling brought the water and soil pollution. New Delhi detected near mercury, heavy metals such as lead, zinc and other pollutants. In some places, excessive levels of zinc in the drinking water 100 times.

Government level began to rely on the complete system of electronic waste. The Indian government plans through financial aid standard electronic waste management, and enhance people's awareness and ability. The country's environment minister said the government in setting hazardous substances management plan, as well as preparation for establishment integration e-waste recycling plant.


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