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How to deal with electronic waste at present

Time:2016-01-30 17:57 Author:Suny Group

In the past few years, the global electronic waste quantity increase, production waste around 20000000 to 20000000 tons per year. Electronic waste now account for 5% of the global city solid waste, almost equal to the sum of all the plastic packaging materials, but electronic waste is far more damaging to the human body. Manufacture of electronic waste not only the developed countries, developing Asia also dropped 12000000 tons of e-waste each year.


For electronic waste recycling and is a good way to prolong the life of a product, a lot of electronic waste and therefore were shipped to developing countries. Although the cycle with the advantages of electronic waste is very obvious, but it has a lot of serious problems. A lot of electronic waste has been used for a very short time after being discarded in place measures to deal with no harmful substances.

Although recycling electronic waste is the product of materials circulation with a good method, but the e-waste contains harmful substances would harm in the recycling field workers, and their neighboring communities and the environment. In the developed world, recycling electrical appliances is in special recycling plant, and be equipped with the appropriate regulatory measures. Members of the European Union, for example, e-waste contains plastic will not be recycled, so as to avoid dioxin and furan will release in the atmosphere. But not in developing countries, the monitoring measures, the recycling of electronic waste process is usually unarmed.


Often by developed countries to developing countries, in violation of the Basel convention. In 2005 in 18 European ports do inspection, found that at least 47% of the waste is illegal export, including electronic waste. Sheet is in Britain, at least 2003 tons in 2003 did not declare or by "grey market" e-waste illegal to Africa, India and China in the far east. In the United States, an estimated 50-80% of the false e-waste recycling in the name of the export, because America refused to sign the Basel convention, this kind of practice in the United States is legal.

In 2000, China banned e-waste import trade. However, Greenpeace found about the law does not work, e-waste trade is still active in Guangzhou Guiyang area, Guiyang also became China's main electronic waste dump.

Greenpeace also found in India e-waste trade is increasing. Sheet is in Delhi, every year there are 25000 people employed by sites, of which 10000-20000 people need to deal with electronic waste, and a quarter of computer wastes. And in India of rice root, Colorado Zagreb bart, Bangalore and Mumbai found multiple electronic garbage dumps.

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