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Make a great Fortune from E-waste? Don’t go the wrong way!

Time:2015-11-05 16:40 Author:Suny Group

In September, 2015, a 45-year-old man (Family name: Cao) from a town of Daye city, China collected 30 tons of waste circuit boards in Jiangsu province and transported them to his hometown by a truck he rented.

Cao thought that he would make a big fortune if he could be able to get the copper contained in the circuit boards out and sell them to the Copper Processing Plant. Later,finding his nephew and his nephew’s friend as the helpers, Cao managed to move the 30 tons of circuit boards to an open place near a forestry center in his hometown and hid them away.

On October 11, the three men came to the forestry center, worked separately to douse the large piles of circuit boards with diesel and lit them on fire. As the circuit boards were not burned easily, seven or eight days later, they still haven’t been burned thoroughly. However, the pungent odors aroused the attention of the villagers living nearby. On October 19, the villagers called the police after discovering this situation.

The policemen found a large lump of scorched residues with white and black smoke on the site. Cao and his two helpers were detained for their illegal disposal of hazardous waste causing environmental pollution. Cao discovered “treasure” in waste circuit boards, but he didn’t try to use proper ways to get the “treasure”.

As a matter of facts, a lot of people have got rich by extracting copper and other precious metals from waste circuit boards. Our company also saw the broad prospect of old circuit boards recycling and the reuse of other E-wastes. We researched and developed a special equipment for dismantling and separating the components on the circuit boards, which is not only environmentally friendly, but greatly realizes the purpose of E-waste recycling and reuse. With the growing of electronic products, more and more E-wastes will be generated, we hope that E-waste will not become a curse to our planet, instead, we try to make the recovery of e-waste become part of a?sustainable?economy.

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