How should we check our mask machine?

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The maintenance of mask equipment is especially important. The key maintenance is in place and the equipment is running smoothly. The masks manufactured meet the requirements. The area of ​​interference is particularly large when the details are grasped. Next, how do we check common problems and how to deal with them:

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1. Appearance:

Folding mask machine

Masks are worn on our faces, and some are even used in the operating room. Therefore, the production of masks requires the mask machine to be cleaned every day. Employees can be arranged to clean the work surface of the equipment and the plates holding masks after the power is turned off every day at the end of work. Note that no water or oil can be used. Other non-toxic and volatile cleaning fluids such as alcohol can be used.

2. Ultrasonic system:

Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean, especially the ultrasonic electric box, ultrasonic transducer, and welding head need to be cleaned simply without water, and whether the connecting line is strong. Frequently check the degree of wear of the ultrasonic welding head (mold). Pay attention to check whether the pointers of the voltmeter and ammeter on the ultrasonic electric box are normal.

3. Transmission system:

The transmission system includes motors, gear shafts, reduction motors, gears, chains, conveyor belts and other components. The protection of mask machines requires checking whether there is dust on the surface of the motor that interferes with heat dissipation, and whether the gear shafts and gears are oiled or have attachments. . Is the tightness of the chain suitable? Is there any foreign matter? Is the connecting screw of each transmission part loose? Is the lubricating oil of the geared motor sufficient? It is usually required to replace the lubricating oil once in 1000-1500 hours.

4. Electrical system:

Check whether the circuit connectors of the mask machine equipment are loose, whether the main power cord, branch signal line, etc. are worn? Are they aging? Are they loose? Is the inside of the electric box clean and simple? Is the exhaust fan working normally?


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