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High-speed elastic earband mask machine manufacturer

Time:2021-01-22 14:57 Author:Suny Group

In order to improve the working efficiency of the flat mask production line and fully realize the integration of the main body machine and the earband machine, the company has developed and manufactured the elastic earband plane mask machine that integrates the main body machine and the inner and outer earband machines to realize the fully automated production of the machine. Fully improve the productivity and benefits of flat face masks with elastic earbands.

This machine is an automated three-dimensional mask manufacturing machine with a filter cloth layer. It is a one-line automated operation from raw material feeding to finished product completion. The ear straps are made of elastic cloth and are automatically welded to the body without artificial ear straps, thereby improving the quality of the mask.

Full Auto One Time Forming Face Mask Machine

Mechanical characteristics

1. Elastic fabric can automatically correct the position and tension, and the operation is simple.

2. High output, low defect rate, no need for additional ear strap welding machine.

3. Pure mechanical structure, can work when power on, no origin is needed.

4. The length of the elastic earband can be adjusted by changing the width of the fabric.

5. Uniform standard for finished products and convenient packaging.

6. Pull the barrel to feed the material, the positioning is more accurate, the width of the raw material can be controlled to the minimum, and the cost is saved.

7. The length and dimension of the finished product are uniformly controlled with a deviation of ±1mm, which can effectively control the length of the finished product.

(4) Industrial process

This machine is mainly composed of a main body machine, a sheet turning conveyor line and two ear strap welding machines. After the machine outputs the mask body, the mask body sheet is transported to the turning mechanism by the conveyor belt structure. The mask tray is turned over to the conveyor belt connected to the earband machine through the turning mechanism, and then the mask sheet is transported to the front mask tray of the earband machine through the conveyor belt, and then press down to place the mask sheet into the mask tray of the earband machine , Follow-up ultrasonic earband welding, and then complete the production of a flat elastic earband mask product.

Application Environment

1. Working temperature: 10~35℃

2. Humidity: 10~35%HR

3. No flammable, corrosive gas, no dust, cleanliness not less than 100,000

4. The power of the whole line equipment: 2.5KW

5. There should be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near the installation equipment. Avoid radio transmitting stations (or relay stations) around the installation site.

6. Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. Avoid a large number of punching and other machine tools nearby. The equipment space requirements must be smoke-free and dust-free, and avoid working environments with serious dust such as metal polishing and grinding.




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