PCB light board crushing and sorting equipment, circuit board substrate recycling and processing equ

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ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

PCB light board crushing and sorting equipment, circuit board substrate recycling equipment, environmental protection treatment and resource recycling equipment for waste printed circuit board substrates, can process substrates, copper clad laminates, frame materials, and substrates with components after cleaning. It is a collection of crushing and sorting. Automatic environmental protection and resource recycling equipment integrating selection and recycling.

The material to be processed is completely dissociated from metal and non-metal through primary crushing and secondary crushing. The crushed metal and non-metal powder mixture is separated by air vibration separation, air classification, cyclone separation, electrostatic separation, etc. After the process is sorted, the non-metal powder and metal powder are classified and recycled, and the metal recovery rate is more than 95%; the whole set of equipment adopts negative pressure dust removal, no dust leakage, and no secondary pollution such as waste water or exhaust gas during the production process; the equipment adopts PLC The automatic control system realizes automatic and intelligent production.

Environmental protection indicators 1. Exhaust gas emission meets national environmental protection requirements: Exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust gas outlet meets the national standard (secondary).

2. The equipment system adopts negative pressure conveying, no dust is flying, and a small amount of dust leakage from the discharge port can also be controlled manually.

3. Noise measurement: Factory boundary: day ≤65dB(A), measured at 1 meter outside the factory wall. Meet national environmental protection requirements.

4. Vibration: Use low-noise, high-durability motors and fans and meet TPC health and personnel safety protection requirements, and do not affect normal office. 4). The main features and technical advantages of the equipment system 1. Meet the national environmental protection requirements. No dust leakage, no waste water during the production process, no secondary pollution.

5. The equipment is highly integrated and the floor space is reduced. This production line organically combines the cyclone separator and the dust collector into one, which reduces the area and space of the equipment, improves the integration of the equipment, and facilitates the operation and transportation of the equipment.


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