The functional characteristics of the KF94 fish mask machine

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The new nailed fish mask machine 3M fish mask machine KF94 fish mask machine can bring us good work quality and efficiency, and also produce good products for us. So when we buy a fully automatic fish mask machine, we must choose a good quality fully automatic mask machine. Let's take a look at what benefits a good fish mask machine can bring to us.

Kf94 Fish Shape Mask Making Machine

Choosing a good new fish-shaped mask machine is very important for the company, so as to ensure our production efficiency and the enthusiasm of our employees. It is necessary for Qin Taisheng to share with you the structure principle of the mask machine

02 The entire machine is one-line automated operation from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, edge banding, and cutting of finished products. Qin Taisheng automatic mask machine manufacturers can achieve different types such as N95, FFP2, etc. according to the different raw materials used. standard. The performance of the whole machine is stable, the production speed is continuously adjustable, the production efficiency is high, the counting is convenient and accurate, the defective rate is low, and the operation is easy.

03 New nail-piercing fish mask machine 3M fish mask machine KF94 fish mask machine product configuration and features:

◆ The protective cover is made of new materials and transparent acrylic, which is beautiful and light and has a safety protection effect;

◆ The output is extremely high, and 1-4 layers of mask body can be produced according to customer requirements; the direction of the mask ear straps is outward;

◆ Compared with segmented mask production equipment, this set of equipment has the characteristics of higher efficiency, more labor saving, and better stability;

◆ PLC program linkage control, complete the actions of pulling material, rotating, ear line, transporting the mask body in sequence, supplemented by photoelectric detection, high reliability and low failure rate.


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