How about plastic crushing and separating equipment

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Waste plastic is a relatively common type of recyclable. The recycling process will be selected according to different material conditions. In the case of complex mixed crushed materials, this process will be used. The commonly used sorting method for plastic sorting It uses machinery and equipment for sorting. There were also manual sorting methods in the past, but it is obvious that this method does not meet everyone's sorting needs and efficiency requirements, so it has almost been eliminated, but occasionally assists in machine sorting. Optional, or a recycling process for a small portion of easily recyclable materials.

Plastic Separation Equipment

Plastic recycling pays attention to the cleanliness of plastics, that is, the degree of purification of waste plastic materials. After all, plastics with a single material and no debris are more suitable for the next step of recycling and reconstruction, and the value of such plastics is also higher. The use of plastic sorting machines solves the problem of impurities in plastics and helps manufacturers who recycle plastics to obtain good recycling revenue.

For example, the shell crushing materials of refrigerators, air conditioners and other home appliances, although the plastic content is high, will also affect the price because of the silica gel and metal contained in it, or the debris contaminated during crushing and stacking. The plastics in these crushed materials are sorted.

The machine for sorting debris in plastic is called "silicone machine". It can remove silicone, rubber, wood chips, debris, dust, etc. from plastic. It is very suitable for the recycling of broken plastics of daily necessities. Before passing through the silicone machine, it will After the bleaching tank is processed, the material of the plastic can be preliminarily distinguished, the metal in it can be recovered, and the heavy objects such as stones can be removed.

To sort plastic materials, you can use an electrostatic sorter. The electrostatic sorter uses the different electrical properties of different plastic materials to sort. At the same time, it can sort two or three different materials of plastic. It's time for the efficiency of sorting. Color sorting machine can be used for plastic color sorting. Each step of purification is to increase the recycling value of plastics, and the sorting process can be selected according to your own needs.


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