Waste circuit board crushing, dismantling and recycling equipment

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At present, physical separation technology is applied to the production line of circuit board recycling equipment to improve the separation purity of the copper-metal mixed components of waste circuit boards to achieve a separation purity of more than 99%. The metal materials in the circuit boards are subjected to a three-time separation process, and the circuit boards are recycled. Process step description of equipment production line:

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

Circuit board dismantling machine: dismantle the discarded circuit boards, and separate and recycle the electronic components and solder on the circuit boards.

Circuit board crusher: crush the disassembled light board

Circuit board crusher: crush and separate the crushed circuit board materials to a certain fineness.

Analysis machine: the crushed materials are subjected to air separation, resin and copper are separated, and fibers are separated

Collector: collect dust and fibers, and discharge the collected fibers

Pulse dust collector: collect the dust and superfine dust generated in the crushing process

Classification screen: separate resin and copper, return the resin and copper with large particles without separation to the host, and separate the resin and copper for specific gravity separation

Gravity separation: separation of resin and copper, separation of copper and resin

High-voltage electrostatic separation: the unseparated specific gravity tailings are subjected to secondary air separation to separate the metal from the non-metal.


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