Three-layer mask machine ultrasonic welding machine principle

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Ultrasonic welding machines and spin welding machines are the most and most widely used plastic products in our practice. The following will only describe these two ultrasonic welding processes. For other ultrasonic welding processes, friends who are interested can find information on their own to study and study.

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

First of all, we must really understand the principle of ultrasonic welding. Only in this way can we design a good ultrasonic welding structure and become a real engineer in this structure. Otherwise, your so-called experience and information will become your stumbling block. .

1. The principle of ultrasonic welding machine:

Almost all ultrasonic welding is to produce movement of the welding end face molecules of two welded parts, so that they diffuse and entangle each other. To achieve the purpose of interconnection.

For example, our ultrasonic welding is to use the high-frequency vibration of the welding head to cause high-frequency friction between the two welding parts and convert the mechanical energy into heat energy. The heat energy dissolves the molecules on the two welding surfaces and restores their activity. Then, with the help of external force, the molecules Intertwined to achieve the purpose of welding,

And we usually use 502 glue, or other adhesives. The glue is a highly corrosive liquid, which expands the molecules on the welding surface and restores its activity. Then, with the help of external force, the molecules entangle with each other. To achieve the purpose of welding. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. Welding is a process of entanglement of molecules.


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