How much it cost pcb board recycling machine?

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The separation process of circuit board recycling equipment is as follows: waste circuit boards, electronic waste → primary crushing → crushing → magnetic separation → secondary crushing → classification → air flow sorting → electrostatic sorting → production of metal powder and plastic fiber.

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

Features of circuit board recycling equipment:

1. It adopts advanced mechanical crushing and new high-voltage electrostatic separation technology. After crushing and dissociation, the separation of metal and non-metal is carried out, with high purity;

2. Organically combine the crushing and dissociation equipment of various waste circuit boards to achieve greater energy-saving effects in the production process, and achieve a high metal separation rate;

3. The unit energy consumption per ton of waste circuit boards is only about 1/2 of that of similar domestic products; the hourly processing capacity of the complete set of equipment is as high as 1 ton

4. Its price is only 1/3 of similar equipment at home and abroad, and the copper recovery rate is 3% higher than that of similar manufacturers.

5. Good overall performance, effective for computer boards, mobile phone boards, TV boards and other circuit control boards, and it is also compatible with the recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitors.

6. This production line has less labor, no pollution, no noise, flexible equipment placement, high automation procedures, and a smaller footprint. It is an ideal equipment for recycling waste electronic waste.


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