Scrap lithium battery recycling equipment process

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Lithium-ion battery is composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte, separator, current collector, casing and other parts. Recycling of lithium batteries must be disassembled to ensure that there is no harm to the human body before disassembling, removing the outer casing, separating the electrode positive and negative materials, current collectors, electrolyte, etc., and then proceeding to the next step of recycling. So what is the process flow of waste lithium battery recycling equipment?

Feeding When the motor drives the main shaft to start to rotate, the pulverizer cuts the pole piece material, and the high-frequency shear force effectively crushes the lithium battery pole piece material. At this time, the material is discharged through the discharge port of the crusher.

Lithium Battery recycling plant

Diaphragm separation. When the whole machine starts to run, the diaphragm sorting system uses wind to collect the crushed plastic diaphragms by winnowing, and the packaging equipment automatically packs slow-load materials.

Shell separation: The shape of the shell of the used lithium ion battery is the same, but it is different. It is a good process to separate the shell from the positive and negative poles according to different equipment for the shell of different materials. It can also protect the material when the sorting efficiency is guaranteed. purity.

Separation of positive and negative electrodes: the case is separated from the positive and negative materials, and it needs to go through a crushing stage. When the battery materials after the separation of the shell are still tightly connected, it is broken through a crushing stage to facilitate the later crushing and separation.

When it is necessary to separate waste lithium batteries, copper and aluminum in lithium ion battery pole pieces, positive and negative active materials, copper and aluminum metals, under the selection of appropriate supporting process equipment, the mixture of lithium ion battery shells is transferred from the sealed transportation facility to the crushing stage , In the transportation process, the gas and impurities are separated through the dust removal and odor collection system. The material that meets the standard is crushed to separate the diaphragm from the active material through shearing and crushing, and the specific gravity frequency difference is used to separate them. The motor drives the material under the vibration frequency. Complete a sorting process.


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