Introduction of automatic high-speed one-to-one mask machine

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Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

1. Aluminum alloy machine structure, reasonable layout of each part, beautiful appearance;

2. The production of the mask body piece, the conveying of the mask body piece, and the automatic welding of the ear straps are completed at one time;

3. Configure high-power, adjustable ultrasonic welding system;

4. PLC program control, high degree of automation;

5. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste;

6. High stability, low failure rate and excellent performance;

7. The welding surface of the mask earband can be adjusted arbitrarily;

2. Equipment characteristics:

The automatic flat mask production line is a set of fully automatic production equipment for the production of disposable flat masks. This machine is a fully automatic (one for one) flat mask production line equipment that is basically developed for the production of flat masks in the form of a single machine with each other. Through a unique computer program automatic control system, mask body cheating conveying system and mask body piece shunt system, a mask body machine and a mask earband welding machine are connected scientifically and reasonably, so as to achieve full automation of disposable mask production . The entire workflow is operated by one person. It greatly saves labor costs and maximizes the profits of the enterprise.


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