Automatic mask machine regular maintenance knowledge

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The mask machine, as the name implies, is the equipment for producing masks. The mask machines on the market now include: flat mask machines, cup mask machines, duckbill mask machines, folding mask machines, fully automatic mask machines, etc. Regardless of the mask machine, it needs regular maintenance to ensure its production efficiency and extend its service life. Next, SUNY GROUP machinery will share with you the knowledge of regular maintenance of the automatic mask machine.

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

1. Focus on inspection and adjustment. Check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components in detail.

2. The other is to detect, adjust, remove hidden troubles and balance the wear level of each component. Stop performing diagnostic tests and state inspections on the parts that affect the performance of the fully automatic mask machine and the parts with signs of defects, and then complete the necessary changes, adjustments, and defect removal.

3. On the basis of routine maintenance, the key work content is smoothing, tightening and checking the relevant parts of the mask machine and its cleaning.

4. Check the tension of each unwinding reel in time to meet the needs of production.

Doing these maintenance and maintenance every day can greatly reduce the failure of the automatic mask machine, and can also extend the life of the equipment, and the performance of the mask machine will not decline rapidly due to external factors.


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