Broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting machine, broken bridge aluminum-aluminum-plastic separat

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With the elimination of various waste aluminum-plastic doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum scraps, a large amount of waste broken bridge aluminum has been produced, and these waste broken bridge aluminum are rich in materials such as aluminum and plastics, which are of great value for recycling. At this time, the broken bridge aluminum crusher equipment produced by our factory came in handy and became a sharp tool for the recycling of waste broken bridge aluminum.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

[Supporting equipment for broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting machine]

1. Crushing equipment. In accordance with the user's requirements for output, we will be equipped with a crusher device that matches it, and this device will perform the first crushing work on the recycled garbage.

2. Sorting equipment. The crushed garbage needs to be sorted to be highly reusable. We use the most advanced eddy current sorting equipment in China to classify them.

[Features of Broken Bridge Aluminum Aluminum Plastic Separator]

1. The design of the broken bridge aluminum crushing separator production line is superb and reasonable, which improves production efficiency;

2. The whole production process of the broken bridge aluminum crushing and sorting machine adopts physical decomposition and separation, no chemical reagents, no incineration, and no secondary pollution.

3. The broken bridge aluminum recycling equipment adopts an automated operating system to save labor costs.


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