Automated copper and aluminum sorting machine for dismantling, recycling and processing of new energ

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Scrap automobile new energy lithium battery dismantling, recycling and processing automated copper-aluminum sorting machine, SUNYGROUP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. new energy automobile, waste lithium batteries, scrap lithium battery pole pieces raw materials are properly recycled through certain physical processing and disposal methods Utilization, in view of the characteristics of waste lithium batteries, we use waste power battery recycling and decomposition equipment to separate the valuable metals in the lithium battery from the casing for subsequent reuse. DC1200-E lithium battery sorting and recycling equipment, waste lithium battery sorting and recycling equipment:

Lithium Battery recycling plant

Scope of application:

This product is suitable for the sorting environment of lithium battery materials, power lithium batteries, lithium battery anode and cathode materials, and lithium ion batteries.

Under the background of diversified raw materials, the valuable metals are continuously and automatically separated.

Outstanding advantages:

⊙The range of applicable materials is relatively large;

⊙Compact design concept saves floor space;

⊙The operation console detection system and maintenance platform are built to facilitate maintenance;

⊙ Continuous and automated production can withstand more resistance and accumulate greater production efficiency;

⊙With good sorting effect and good crushing ability, the processing force is large and the wear is small;


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