Dismantling and recycling equipment for used motor rotors

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There are four types of external force applied to the solid during the crushing process of the waste motor rotor crusher: pressing, shearing, impact, and grinding. Rolling is mainly used in coarse and medium crushing, suitable for the crushing of hard materials and bulk materials; shearing is mainly used for fine crushing, suitable for the crushing of tough materials; impact is mainly used for medium crushing, fine grinding, superfine grinding, and suitable It is suitable for the crushing of brittle materials; grinding is mainly used for fine grinding and superfine grinding, which is suitable for the crushing of small pieces and fine particles.

Best Electric Motor Scrap Processing Copper Motor Recycling Machine

The scrap motor rotor crusher can be roughly divided into 2 types according to its working principle:

One: It adopts dual-axis or single-axis low-speed rotation, and uses the cutter head to cut, cut, tear, and pull the material. It is transmitted to the driven shaft through gear transmission, so that the movable knife of the driving shaft and the stationary cutter head on the housing form a relative movement. The spiral tooth cutter discs on the driving shaft are arranged staggered, so that after the material enters, it is subjected to the effects of squeezing, tearing, and shearing at the same time, so that the material is broken.

Two: Use the high-speed rotating impeller to agitate and break the long metal shavings. The high-speed rotating (about 1000 rpm) main shaft is connected with multiple round steel plates in series, and the circular plate rotates in conjunction with the main shaft. Four to six pinion gears made of manganese steel are mounted around the circular plate. The pinion rotates freely on its own small shaft.

The long and messy metal scraps enter the machine from the top port. The small motor crusher is twisted by the gear on the high-speed rotating steel plate and torn into small pieces. The size of the sieve hole can be adjusted according to the metal scraps. The size of the broken particles required is selected.

The working principle of the motor rotor dismantling machine: The fixed knife and the movable knife are combined with each other. The fixed knife is S-shaped and fixed on the top of the cutter head. When the material enters the casing, it plays the role of forced feeding and forced crushing. The movable knife is a vertical head. When the material is torn strongly by the fixed knife, particles smaller than the screen are formed during the beating process with the rotation of the turntable, and the particles are filtered into the material outlet through the screen.

When the material is discharged, it passes through the dust collector to completely suck away the patent leather and impurities, so that the torn metal particles are clean and bright, and pollution is reduced. The screen can be designed and customized according to the material and user needs. A motor is an electrical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. According to the types of electrical energy used, motors can be divided into two categories: DC motors and AC motors and AC motors.


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