How to increase the output of small miscellaneous copper wire recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

In recent years, with the continuous promotion of environmental protection policies, small miscellaneous wire copper rice machines have created huge economic benefits for customers. This article will specifically introduce you to the factors that affect the output of small miscellaneous wire copper rice machines and strategies to increase production. Start the copper rice machine Check its operation and then shut down, carry out tool matching, mold installation and tool adjustment. The new environmental protection design of the equipment has better sealing performance, dust does not overflow, equipped with sound insulation devices, low working noise, and meets the requirements of environmentally friendly production. The copper-plastic composite material is completely separated into copper and plastic equipment.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

How to choose a small miscellaneous wire copper rice machine suitable for your own production to avoid waste? With the long-term use of the small miscellaneous wire copper rice machine, the output will gradually decrease and fail to reach the required range. After buying the copper rice machine, many customers found that the output was not satisfactory and the copper output was low, which may be caused by the improper use of the user when using the copper rice machine. According to the sorting method, the copper rice machine can be divided into dry sorting and wet sorting. The dry copper rice crusher crushes the waste wires and directly transports them to the vibrating screen. When a certain amount of material is stored on the vibrating screen, the pump is started. Wind and air supply device, start the vibration screening device, start the dust removal induced draft fan device, if the metal purity is not up to the requirement, loosen the fan-shaped handle of the wind adjustment fan of the air supply duct at the back of the machine, and adjust the air supply to increase it. Can. The equipment configuration of the copper rice machine production line must meet the requirements, otherwise the output of copper rice will be low.

As a direct manufacturer of the copper rice machine, we not only launched an event promotion program, but also onsite installation, commissioning, and later maintenance, and the supply of vulnerable parts. These are also the reasons why users are trustworthy. It is recommended that you select the equipment, compare multiple, choose the right one, and not choose the expensive one. After confirming the manufacturer, come to the site to test the machine and speak with facts.


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