Which waste wires can be recycled and processed by the copper wire recycling machine function

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Household appliances and transportation tools (cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles, etc.) are becoming more and more popular, and the use of wires and cables is increasing. With the upgrading of these things, the amount of scrap processing is also increasing. The recycling of waste wires and cables requires environmentally friendly methods to turn waste wires and cables into treasures. Which waste wires can be recycled by the copper rice machine?

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The thinner waste wires and cables are first sent to the primary shredder through a belt conveyor for crushing;

2 After crushing, it is sent to the vibrating separator for sorting through a belt conveyor;

3 After sorting, metal copper, plastic skin granules and mixed materials are obtained;

4 The dust and impurities (such as paper scraps, plastic film, etc.) in the primary crushing and vibration sorting process are removed by the dust removal equipment. The cyclone discharger collects the impurities, and the dust is sent to the dust collector through the dust collection pipe. The filter bag of the dust collector collects the dust into the designated container;

5 The metal copper is sent to the finished product warehouse for storage, and the plastic skin granules and mixed materials are sent to the secondary pulverizer through the screw conveyor;

6 After the crushed materials are collected by the cyclone feeder, they are sent to the electrostatic separator by the bucket elevator for further sorting;

7 After electrostatic separation, the finer plastic skin particles and metal copper in the mixture can be completely separated;


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