Basic maintenance knowledge of mask machinery and equipment

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1. Check the tension of each unwinding reel in time to meet production requirements.

2. The main components of the mask machinery and equipment should be checked regularly, and lubricating oil should be properly added when necessary to ensure normal operation.

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

3. The pressure of the cutter should be appropriate, otherwise it is easy to hit the knife.

4. Regularly check the wear and tear of the welding, you need to adjust the pressure appropriately, and reduce the pressure to a lower level under the condition of ensuring the welding, and you must pay attention to maintaining the equipment.

Matters needing attention when using mask machinery and equipment:

1. The pressure of each component should be adjusted appropriately to reduce the load of the whole machine.

2. When the mask machine is turned on, the raw materials should be manually pulled into the welding mold first, so that the equipment can carry out normal production.

3. All bearings should be checked regularly to ensure normal operation during work.

4. Before turning on the mask machinery and equipment, the ultrasonic welding machine needs to be turned on first, in order to avoid excessive load and burn out the ultrasonic welding machine.


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