Motor rotor processing equipment solves the recycling and utilization of waste motor rotors

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The use of electrical equipment and power tools is increasing. At the same time, a large number of waste motor rotors are produced at tens of millions of tons per year. In today's resource regeneration, the stators and rotors of waste electric motors are very high. Recycling and processing value, scrap electric motors and small motors contain renewable resources such as copper, aluminum, steel, iron, etc. How to deal with these motor rotors, stators, and small motors.

Best Electric Motor Scrap Processing Copper Motor Recycling Machine

The motor rotor crusher and the dismantling equipment of the used motor rotor are mainly used to crush the motor rotor, air conditioner rotor, washing machine rotor, hand drill rotor and other raw materials. The motor rotor crusher can crush all kinds of rotors. We know that the rotor has copper. There are two types of rotor and aluminum rotor. After crushing, copper and iron or aluminum and iron can be separated.

The motor rotor crusher adopts a physical method of harmless treatment of resource recovery equipment. The waste motor stators, wire packages and other materials that are manually pre-sorted are transported to the primary crushing and secondary crushing through the conveyor, and then are separated by the strong magnetic roller. The separator separates the silicon steel sheet and the copper mixture; then the copper mixture is transported from the conveyor to the pulverizer for further pulverization and refinement to obtain products with higher purity, and then transported from the conveyor to the air-flow separator for separation to obtain the purity Higher copper particles and a small amount of debris. The scrap motor rotor crusher equipment solves the problem of recycling of scrap motor rotors, and at the same time effectively promotes the recycling of waste motors and other wastes in my country.


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