Why should the waste wire be made into copper rice?

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The comparison between the crushing and recycling technology of the dry copper rice machine and the wet sorting technology reduces the working pressure caused by environmental pollution. The dry copper rice machine crushes and recovers waste copper wire resources, alleviating the waste of copper resources and recycling copper resources. Created the conditions. In the market application in the recycling and disposal of waste wires and cables, many waste wires and cables have been fully used. The principle of mechanical crushing and specific gravity separation is used to separate waste wires and electronic waste, avoiding environmental pollution caused by traditional incineration treatment methods. The copper meter machine can process various waste wires with diameters between 5-20mm, such as circuit wires, cables, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires, and earphone wires.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

There are a large number of waste wires and cables in the market. Under the new environment of scarce resources, the recycling of these waste materials is more necessary. For all kinds of waste wires, cables, waste home appliances, automobiles, etc., the plastics on the old wires after dismantling And other metals have recyclable value. Lvjie environmental protection dry copper rice machine equipment is a relatively advanced technology for processing waste cables. Mainly for the mixed cables recycled from different channels. After crushing and grinding, the plastic skin and copper rice are separated. The chopped copper rice and plastic are further separated by a vibration system, and then the plastic skin and copper rice are completely separated through winnowing. . High degree of automation, strong adaptability, large output, and high purity of copper rice.

There are also various types of electronic waste and metal waste among the numerous urban wastes, and our country is in a critical period of shortage of mineral resources. The recycling of these metals can alleviate the shortage of mineral resources in our country to a great extent. Discarded cables and wires can be seen everywhere in China. With the depletion of copper resources, the recycling of copper-containing wires has attracted widespread attention. The emergence of the copper rice machine not only effectively solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also enables the rational use of resources. This is not only because of its high recycling value, but also because people are paying more and more attention to environmental issues, thus strengthening the recycling of waste copper. .


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