Scrap lithium battery precious metal recycling equipment?

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In the process of recycling waste lithium batteries, SUNY GROUP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. believes that it is not only necessary to pay attention to the recovery of cobalt and lithium, but also to reduce process energy consumption, improve the level of recycling equipment production lines, and conduct research on the reduction of pollutants to achieve waste. Expansion of the economic benefits of lithium battery recycling and standardization of pollutant discharge. SUNY GROUP mainly focuses on the recycling and reuse of waste lithium cobalt oxide batteries. Starting from the recycling of single batteries, it has continuously expanded the scale of recycling and adjusted the process flow. Finally, it has developed a reasonable industrialized recycling of lithium cobalt oxide batteries. In the separation process, the necessary conditions for each step in the recovery are found, and the metal substances in the lithium cobalt oxide battery are completely separated and recovered.

Lithium Battery recycling plant

First use the discharge medium to discharge the remaining power in the waste lithium-ion battery, and then shred, crush and smash the battery to separate the diaphragm, casing and the fragments of the positive and negative electrodes. The positive and negative plates are crushed, winnowed, and separated to obtain copper-aluminum mixed metal particles. , To realize the full-value recovery of waste lithium cobalt oxide batteries.

The power lithium battery crushing and recycling equipment production line is the separation basic equipment for the dismantling of the power battery automation industry. The technical advantage of the power lithium battery line that can be processed is that the lithium battery cells include soft packs, steel shells/aluminum shells, cylinders, etc. Among them, there are many types and sizes of power battery processing. SUNY GROUP's waste power lithium battery crushing, dismantling and sorting equipment is based on the lithium battery positive and negative electrode structure and the material characteristics of the constituent materials of copper, aluminum and carbon powder. The combined process of vibrating crushing, vibrating screening and airflow sorting performs preliminary separation and recovery of the positive and negative electrode components of waste lithium batteries. Later, new technologies can be used to separate the copper and aluminum particles, which is sufficient to support the copper of various power batteries. In the separation and reuse market of aluminum particles and precious metals, the metal recovery rate and purity can basically reach more than 99%.


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