Scrap copper scrap metal shredding and recycling equipment

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The metal shredder is mainly used for crushing scrap metal, increasing its bulk density for transportation and recycling. This equipment is widely used in shredding paint drums, diesel drums, thin iron sheets, car shells, metal briquettes, metal plate scraps and other scrap metal materials.

If the crushing fineness is reduced, a metal crusher can be equipped to match the complete production line.

Double Shredder Machine

The shape of the tool affects the size of the output

(1) The thickness of the moving knife determines the width of the discharging: the thinner the thickness of the moving knife, the narrower the discharging width of the material.

(2) The distance of the moving knife tip determines the discharge length: the smaller the tool tip distance (that is, the more the number of cutter heads), the shorter the discharge length.

(3) Our designers carry out personalized design according to the actual operation requirements of customers, and configure a reasonable drive system and tool structure.

The equipment's crushing scope: car shells, scrap aluminum, scrap steel, scrap metal, paint buckets, color steel tiles, iron briquettes, motorcycle racks, bicycle racks, waste home appliances, car compartment plates, keel bars, rolling gates, scrap corners Thick scrap metal such as iron is crushed. The processed materials through the Jiulong metal crusher can remove paint, reduce the volume ratio, reduce transportation costs, and increase the conversion rate of scrap iron into the furnace. The metal crusher can reduce the volume of metal materials, improve transportation efficiency, and separate metal impurities in scrap metal materials. The metal particles after these scrap metal materials are processed by the metal crusher are also an ideal raw material for steelmaking.


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