Suny Group Circuit Board Crushing Separation And Recycling Equipment Program

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The most notable features of circuit board crushing and separation equipment are environmental protection, high comprehensive utilization rate, and large added value. It is the development trend of electronic waste treatment in the future. Because of the toughness of waste circuit boards, mostly flat, it is difficult to separate metals and non-metals through one-time crushing, and there are many types of other substances, and the separation and decomposition process is very complicated. Therefore, these characteristics determine the performance of waste circuit boards. Recycling has a certain degree of difficulty. The advantage of circuit board crushing and separation equipment is to overcome difficulties and create metal resource regeneration.

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

The circuit board crushing and separation equipment adopts a self-designed single-shaft shredder, which is an environmentally friendly equipment with low energy consumption, low noise and high production capacity. The crushing effect is ideal; the core part of the crushing and separation host is based on the comprehensive absorption of domestic and foreign successful experience. The principle is to use the moving knife to collide with the first crushed material at a high speed to crush it. The moving knife is made of alloy tool steel through a special heat treatment process. The ring-type fixed knife that contacts the material is made of high hardness and high wear resistance 16 manganese steel is manufactured by a special process, the tool has a long service life, the material is crushed and separated thoroughly, and the metal recovery rate can be improved.


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