E waste ac radiator recycling equipment machine

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Waste radiator crushing and sorting equipment, copper-aluminum water tank separator, radiator copper-aluminum separator is to recycle the copper-aluminum radiators disassembled from air conditioners, generators, etc., to sort out the copper, iron, and aluminum. The environmental protection radiator copper-aluminum water tank crushing and sorting equipment adopts the physical crushing and sorting method. First, the materials are coarsely crushed by the first crusher, and then crushed by the second crusher, and crushed into 3cm-size materials through magnetic separation and separation. , And then to the airflow sorting for winnowing. The equipment is novel in structure, beautiful in appearance, and large in production capacity; the whole line is controlled by PLC program, one feeding and multiple machines are completed.

Waste Radiator Recycling Equipment

Process flow:

The crushing and sorting equipment of the copper and aluminum water tank of the waste copper and aluminum radiator adopts PLC control, so that the system equipment can work in coordination and feed evenly. Simple structure, reasonable layout; strong processing capacity, stable operation; durable, safe and reliable. The cutters of the crusher are made of special tool steel, processed by a special process, and have a wide range of crushing. At the same time, it has the ability of cracking, tearing, squeezing, etc., and the crushing force is large. It can easily crush materials of different specifications. The magnetic separation equipment adopts a strong magnetic drum-type separator, so that the separation rate is as high as 99%. The impulse dust removal system has a dust removal rate of 99%, effectively suppressing dust spillage, and fully meets the environmental protection requirements "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" GB16297, with no secondary pollution. The airflow sorter is used for sorting, and the sorting can reach 98%.


1. The treatment process has lower metal loss than European and American treatment technologies, minimizes the number of times the material is broken, and ensures that the material is separated in a larger state, thereby reducing the production of metal powder and improving the recovery efficiency.

2. The one-crusher adopts a two-axis pair-roller design, which has low noise, large torque, and can crush large-volume radiators.

3. The cutting tool of a broken machine is made of alloy tool steel, processed by a special process, and has a design service life of about one year.

4. Two proportions of separation are used to improve the precision of separation, and the purity of the separated copper, aluminum, and iron is >99%.

5. The treatment process adopts a closed type and is equipped with a dust collection system to effectively control dust overflow.

Sorting effect:

Dry-type copper-aluminum water tank crushing and sorting is a production line for dry separation of waste copper-aluminum water tanks. For example: old car water tanks, household appliances water tanks, and manual processing (all kinds of civil water tanks, industrial water tanks) are not suitable for processing at one time, and multiple machines cooperate to complete it. Fully automatic intelligent control is at the domestic level. The successful development of this machine not only solves the problems in the method of incineration and extraction of copper, but also improves the quality of recovered copper, and can recycle plastics, and at the same time solve environmental pollution. This production line has a recovery rate of more than 99%, which enables us to effectively use more copper and aluminum products from limited resources, and the price is low, which greatly reduces the economic burden of users. Environmental protection effect: the whole process of crushing → sorting → dust collection is rigorous and harmonious, which is more effective than manual dismantling or other methods.


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