How to recycle aluminum plastic materials

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The waste aluminum-plastic separator is well-designed and uses physical separation technology. The crusher, high-voltage electrostatic separator, aluminum-plastic mill and other equipment technologies in the supporting equipment can realize the treatment of various aluminum-plastic composites and mixtures. Taking into account the large area of ​​various waste aluminum and plastics, there are many impurities in it, and the problem of consuming manpower and material resources to organize. The waste aluminum-plastic separator is pulverized and then finely pulverized, and then undergoes magnetic separation to remove iron, enters into the grinding powder, and enters the powdery aluminum-plastic mixture into the electrostatic separation equipment for separation. During the separation process, a dust removal device is used to collect Dust, in this way, has also solved the pollution problem.

How to recycle aluminum plastic materials

The aluminum-plastic composite material has PVC material, and the unique two to four-cavity structure, the inner and outer layers are covered with aluminum alloy, which has the function of heat preservation. The method of heating and separation is treated by this feature, but at the same time there are harmful smoke and odors. The production of substances is not ideal; and some use of potion separation is even less environmentally friendly. The special crusher crushes the aluminum-plastic material to a particle size below 1.5mm. Due to the large difference in the softening value of the two materials, such mixed particles are very suitable for the separation of high-voltage electric separators, plus a dust removal device, no dust and separation High purity. The big advantage of this production line is that the separated aluminum pellets and plastic pellets can be sold directly in the market, which cannot be achieved by other methods.

The SUNY GROUP aluminum-plastic separator can be applied to various types of aluminum-plastic mixed materials including decorative materials, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic tubes, medical boards, composite aluminum-plastic wires, toothpaste skins, composite aluminum-plastic seals, etc. Smash and separate. The aluminum-plastic separator separates the aluminum-plastic well, ensuring the recycling of metal resources.


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