Waste tire recycling process

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Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

1. Overall regeneration, manufacture of reclaimed rubber, production of rubber powder, pyrolysis and incineration, the regeneration process is the part of waste rubber that vulcanizes rubber under the combined action of plasticizers (softeners and activators), oxygen, heat and mechanical shear The process of breaking molecular chains and cross-linking points.

2. Softeners have the functions of expansion and plasticization. Commonly used are coal tar, pine tar, petroleum-based softeners, and cracked residues. The activator can shorten the regeneration time and reduce the amount of softener.

3. Commonly used activators are aromatic mercaptans and their zinc salts and aromatic disulfides. The production process of reclaimed rubber includes three processes: crushing, regeneration (desulfurization) and refining.

4. Reclaimed rubber is a kind of rubber that has a certain degree of plasticity and can be reused, which is processed from vulcanized corner waste in the production of rubber products. Referred to as reclaimed rubber.

5. According to the different waste rubber used, reclaimed rubber is divided into tires, inner tubes, rubber shoes, etc. Reclaimed rubber can partially replace raw rubber for rubber products, saving raw rubber and carbon black is also conducive to improving processing performance and certain properties of rubber products.

6. There are mainly oil method (direct steam static method), water-oil method (cooking method), high temperature dynamic desulfurization method, extrusion method, chemical treatment method, microwave method, etc. The manufacturing methods of reclaimed rubber mainly used in our country are oil method, water-oil method, and high temperature dynamic desulfurization method to make reclaimed rubber.


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