Circuit Board Recycling Equipment with New Technology

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As technology advances, we have developed new circuit board recycling equipment. Now using the circuit board recycling equipment for sorting, not only there will no air pollution, but the sorted plastic and copper can be sold for economical benefit!

The circuit board recycling equipment can process all kinds of miscellaneous cable wires, such as automobile circuit wires, communication cable wires, etc., which are not suitable for further processing. After the crushing process, the seismic sieve is separated, and the copper and plastic can be separated. There is no dust and no secondary pollution. In addition, the equipment is an integrated modular structure, which is easy to install and debug, and transported with stable performance. 

Applicable to all types of wire and cable, such as communication lines, flower lines, miscellaneous lines, fire lines, car lines, single lines, multiple lines, wool lines, etc. For various automotive circuit lines, motorcycle lines, battery car lines, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances lines, communication lines, computer lines and other wire stripping machines are not suitable for processing various waste lines.

Circuit board recycling equipment adopts overall structure which can be operated easierd by customers. It has the advantages of fully automatic crushing, feeding, vacuuming and separation. It can be operated by one person, advanced dust collecting device and dry separation can meet the different needs of different customers in different regions.


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