The Use Scope and Characteristics of Metal Shredder

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Metal shredders are widely used in paint buckets, discarded household appliances (plastic shells, metal shells), large pipes, pipe fittings, forklift pallets, tires, drums, aluminum, copper and iron less than 5mm thick, used circuit boards (circuits) Board), used cable and other bulky waste.

Working principle of metal shredder :

The material enters the inside of shredder box through feeding system, and the box body carries the shredder blade, and the material is shredded, squeezed, sheared and the like by the shredder blade, and is shredded into small pieces and discharged from the lower part of the box body. .

Features of metal shredder equipment:

1. Thick and heavy moving knives, high crushing efficiency, the tools are cast in alloy steel, and have a long service life.

2. The frame plate is thick, resistant to high torque and very strong.

3. Microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reversal control function.

4. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise and dust to meet environmental standards.

5. Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.

6. The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials.


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