U.S. Exports of Scrap Iron and Steel Zoomed 36%

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The scrap iron and steel exports by the U.S. surged over 36% during the initial eight-month period in 2018. The imports too were up sharply by nearly 26% during this period. This is in accordance with the latest trade statistics published by the U.S. Census Bureau. 

During Jan-Aug ’18, the U.S exports of scrap iron and steel totaled $4.08 billion. This is higher by 36.47% when compared with the corresponding period last year. The U.S. exports of scrap iron and steel during Jan-Aug ’17 had totaled only $2.99 billion. The exports totaled $547.78 million during the month of August 2018 alone.

The top export market for scrap iron and steel from the U.S. was Turkey. The exports to Turkey totaled $753.7 million, accounting for nearly 18.47% of the total U.S. exports. The second largest destination was Taiwan with $466.99 million worth of imports from the U.S. The other key export markets were Mexico ($432.44 million), India ($297.97 million) and China ($260.01 million).

Meantime, imports of scrap iron and steel too were up significantly by 25.53% to $1.26 billion through August this year. The U.S. imports had totaled around $1 billion during Jan-Aug ’17. The primary supplier of scrap iron and steel to the US was Canada, with supplies totaling $796.69 million, representing more than 63% of all U.S. imports. The other major sources were Mexico ($164.83 million) and the Netherlands ($109.44 million).


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