How does the Cable Wire Recycling Machine remove rust and what are its advantages?

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With the development of the economy, the amount of copper used is getting larger and larger, and it can no longer meet the needs of the current market. This requires ways to recycle waste resources. At this time, the Cable Wire Recycling Machine came into being, and it has gradually become widespread in various regions. The Cable Wire Recycling Machine is a kind of waste wire recycling equipment. The material is selected national standard steel or other wear-resistant materials because of its working speed. Relatively high, Cable Wire Recycling Machines will rust in different parts after a long-term use process, which greatly shortens the service life of Cable Wire Recycling Machines. There is also a case where Cable Wire Recycling Machines must be cleaned when not in use Residual waste wire materials inside the equipment to prevent these materials from causing pollution and corrosion to the Cable Wire Recycling Machine itself.

How does the Cable Wire Recycling Machine remove rust and what are its advantages?

Method for rust removal of Cable Wire Recycling Machine: physical rust removal method can be used for rust removal and maintenance of Cable Wire Recycling Machine. This method is popularly used to polish the rust on the surface of Cable Wire Recycling Machine. If it is not scientifically and effectively processed, it will affect the working efficiency of Cable Wire Recycling Machines. Fully automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machines are environmental protection equipment used to crush and separate waste electrical cables, and efficiently separate copper and plastic from waste electrical cables. And the Cable Wire Recycling Machine has a high separation rate, no water, no fire, no waste water and waste gas pollution.

The successful research and development of the automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine solves the environmental pollution caused by "incineration of copper" and "washing copper with water powder", and can improve the quality of recovered copper, and can recycle plastics for the purpose of comprehensive utilization. The effect of bringing your own material is clear at a glance. In the process of buying equipment and communicating with manufacturers, ask some equipment professional knowledge. Compared with copper burning by fire, wet Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment processing waste wires and cables has no gas pollution, but its copper-plastic mixture after separation and crushing uses The method is water washing. Because the waste wires and cables are dirty, some have oil on them. The main auxiliary materials such as plasticizers and antioxidants inside the wire sheath are toxic. After crushing and washing, they are Will cause some water pollution.

Some friends may say that although we use water for the wet Cable Wire Recycling Machine, I have a sedimentation tank built by myself. The water can be recycled, it will not be discharged, and it is not polluted. The friends who have seen the wet processing of waste wires should know that most customers' venues are relatively wet, and the venues are also dirty and messy, which is not standardized. The sedimentation tank is also a simple digging pond, and its water resistance is various. It cannot meet the standards, and some contaminated water will leak out and pollute the groundwater.


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