Prospective Advantages Of Cable Wire Recycling Machine

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Cable Wire Recycling Machine in the market are mainly divided into dry type and wet type. However, some copper rice machine equipment lacks a dust collection device, its environmental protection effect is not good, and the electrostatic separation effect is not good, and the feeding is uneven. The copper rice machine production line recovers the dust during the production process of the crusher and vibrating screen through a bag filter to ensure the environmental protection during the operation of the equipment, and the screw feeder can uniformly feed the electrostatic separator to the electrostatic separator to effectively ensure static electricity. The sorting effect prevents the phenomenon of poor sorting due to the large number of plastic copper rice mixed grains in a short time when the conveyor belt conveys.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine
Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The dry copper rice machine has always been well received by users, and has also achieved good social and economic benefits. The dry copper rice machine has always been small, with high investment and high work efficiency, and large production output. The standardized production mode is loved by customers. The production process of dry copper rice machine includes the production process of upper and dry copper rice machine. Materials, crushing, crushing, specific gravity sorting, adjusting the diameter of the copper wire diameter of the vibrating sieve. After the vibration screening, the copper rice grains and plastic will be separated separately. To the crusher; the suction pipe above the vibrating screen sucks the plastic fibers and other dust in the vibrating screen space to the dust removal device for processing; the outlets at the front and back ends are respectively copper and plastic wire sheaths.

Features of dry copper rice machine: 1. Platform combined equipment, all components are directly fixed on the platform, easy to move and transport, after the user goes back to work, it can work and produce without installation. 2. Our dry type 3 adopts new research and development technology, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, high output and energy saving, and the sorting rate can reach 97% -99%. 4. Bag dust collection equipment can effectively control dust overlap, and the dust removal rate is as high as 99%. The dry copper rice machine is properly configured to ensure that the copper output is high and clean, which truly benefits customers.


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