Small Cable Wire Recycling Machine process and price

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After being broken and broken, the waste wire and cable become plastic crushing pieces and copper meters, which make it move forward on the screen surface wave shape, and separate the core skin by the double action of airflow push suction and linear vibration of the screen box. And the mixture of copper and plastic is sent from different outlets, the dust passes through the air duct to the dust collector, so as to achieve the separation and purification of waste wires and cables.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine
Small Cable Wire Recycling Machine 

The small Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment of our factory is composed of crusher, fan conveyor, vibrating screen, dust collector, electrical control, etc. The Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment is an overall combined structure, which is convenient for installation and commissioning, as well as transportation (after purchase by the customer) It can be produced by connecting the power supply), and the performance is stable.

When buying small Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment, many customers are concerned about the price of Cable Wire Recycling Machine. Here, as a professional Cable Wire Recycling Machine manufacturer, we want to remind customers that the price difference of Cable Wire Recycling Machine is in different models and output, and the price of machines of different quality is also much different, but today the interconnection is so developed, I believe we can find Many manufacturers can easily understand the price. Choosing a cost-effective Cable Wire Recycling Machine is the key. Welcome to visit and test the machine.


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