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Single-channel stripping machine (9 feed holes)

Time:2020-07-13 14:47 Author:Suny Group

Automatic Electric Wire Stripper Manufacturer

Automatic Electric Wire Stripper Manufacturer

Name: Single-channel stripping machine (9 feed holes)

Scope of application: diameter 1.5mm-diameter 38mm

Dimensions: length 53cm × width 52cm × height 83cm

Weight: 60kg

Voltage power: 220/1.5kw 220v/2.2kw 380v/1.5kw

Nissan quantity: 100kg-300kg

Functions and features: The operation and structure of this wire stripping machine are relatively

Simple, easy to use and process electricity

Single wire copper wire can be rolled (agent pressure) or

Break with a blade, other cables must

The insulation must be broken with a blade, then

Take out the copper wire.

DS-003 type A, B, C file

1. Start the motor and check whether the operation is normal. When feeding, check the diameter of each outsourcing rubber and plastic cable, and feed one by one.

2. In order to make the blade durable for a long time, the connector of the rubber-plastic cable should be cut off when feeding to avoid the blade chipping.

3. If there is too deep and broken wire after feeding out, pay attention to the following points: ①, the feeding gear should be adjusted, that is, the tightness of the M12 screw pressure on both sides of the blade shaft;

② Check whether the position is wrong when feeding;

③、Whether the blade is newly changed or whether the cutting edge is too sharp. Use special oilstone to trim it slightly, until it is moderate.

4. If the rubber and plastic have been peeled off after the feed is out, the copper wire cannot be spit out. There are mainly 4 points: ①. The upper shaft is knurled too deep, and the upper shaft should be sharpened with special oilstone, but it cannot be excessively sharpened. Excessive grinding is easy to cause oily cables to be difficult to drive;

② Whether the pressure of the spring is too loose, the pressure should be tightened to stop spitting;

③ The wire diameter is too small, or the gap between the upper and lower shafts is too large, the gap between the two shafts should be adjusted to 0.4---0.6mm;

④ The processed rubber-plastic cable has been heated, and the copper wire cannot be spit out.

5. If after feeding, the agent pressure gear can not drive the cable past, the material stays in the middle, the following situations occur:

① Check whether there is slack in each belt;

② Check whether the pressure of the springs on both sides of the pressure file is too tight, there is no top force, and the pressure should be relaxed; ③, the cable is too oily, making the two shafts slip, you should often dry the two shafts, (when dry, if the machine is running ,Please be careful).




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