Automated Solar Panel Disassembly Equipment Line

Time:2024-03-30 14:37:46 Author:Suny Group

As the world shifts to renewable energy, processing and recycling solar panels has become a serious challenge. However, the automatic solar panel disassembly equipment/production line developed by SUNY GROUP provides a breakthrough solution that can simplify the recycling process and maximize the resource recovery rate.

The system automatically breaks down solar panels into their components, including frames, junction boxes, and glass. Whether it is a fully automatic production line or individual equipment, it can adapt to various types of solar panels, whether they are domestic or imported crystalline silicon panels.

Automated Solar Panel Disassembly Equipment Line

Automated Solar Panel Disassembly Equipment Line

The processing time for each solar panel is very fast, only about 10 seconds, so the disassembly process is very efficient.

In addition, the equipment is available with stand-alone equipment options to accommodate different-size operations or on-site demolition needs. These options include frame separators, which semi-automatically separate frames and junction boxes; junction box separators, which isolate junction boxes for further processing; and glass separators, which ensure glass is cleanly separated from other materials.

The processed solar panels will be sent to the crushing and sorting equipment. After shredding and grinding processes, they will be further separated through electrostatic separators and airflow sorting screens to obtain pure metal and non-metallic materials.

The environmental benefits of using this equipment are significant, as it reduces the environmental impact of solar panel disposal by enabling efficient recycling. Recycled materials can be reused, promoting the development of a circular economy.

The solar panel recycling production line effectively dismantles decommissioned solar panels, recycles their valuable materials, and minimizes waste. Integrating automated solar panel disassembly equipment/production lines into existing processes enables sustainable panel recycling. If you are interested in this or have any needs, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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