Automatic Copper Wire Granulator Machine

Time:2023-05-25 14:57:41 Author:Suny Group

The automatic copper wire granulator is a machine used to recycle waste copper wires and cables to obtain copper granules and plastic granules. It has the characteristics of novel design, compact structure, low power consumption and stable performance. The recovered copper is as high as 99.99% pure.

The copper wire granulator machine developed and manufactured by SUNY GROUP can process all kinds of wires and cables, including communication cables, data cables, earphone cables, etc. It adopts a dry separation process without washing and saves water resources. It has automatic conveying, automatic separation, automatic collection and other functions, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Copper Granulator

What is the principle of copper wire granulator machine?

The principle of the copper wire granulator machine is to use the different conductivity of metal and non-metal to completely separate the copper and plastic in the waste wire through electrostatic separation technology. The specific workflow is as follows:

First, put the waste wires into a shredder for crushing, and cut the wires into small pieces.

Then, the broken wires are sent to the dust collector through the conveyor for dust removal treatment to remove dust and impurities.

Then, the dust-removed wires are sent to the sorting machine through the fan for electrostatic sorting to separate copper and plastic.

Finally, the separated copper and plastic are collected for packaging or reuse.

Copper Wire Granulator Machine

What are the advantages of copper wire granulator machine?

Waste copper wires and cables can be recycled to reduce pollution and waste of resources and protect the environment.

It can completely separate copper and plastic, which can improve the purity and quality of copper, increasing its value and market demand.

It adopts physical method to separate copper and plastic, does not need water and fire, and has an automatic feeding and separation system, which does not require manual operation, which can save energy and labor.

It can produce copper granules and plastic granules, which can be reused or sold as raw materials for use in metallurgy, construction, chemical and other industries, creating economic benefits.

What are the maintenance methods of copper wire granulator machine?

The principle of the copper wire granulator machine is simple and clear, the operation is convenient and quick, and the separation effect is good. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly waste wire recycling equipment.

The maintenance method of the copper wire granulator is mainly to keep the machine clean and lubricated, regularly check the wear of the blade and the screen, and replace it if necessary to ensure the safety of the power supply and operation. Some specific maintenance tips are:

Clean the filter bag of the dust collector every week to prevent clogging and reduce the dust removal efficiency.

Lubricate the bearings of crushers, conveyors and fans every month to reduce friction and noise.

Check the tightness of belts and screws every month, and adjust them in time if they are loose or broken.

Check the blades and screen every two months and sharpen or replace if dull or damaged.

Check the electrical components every three months, and repair or replace them in time if they are faulty or worn out.

Copper wire granulator is an efficient and environmentally friendly equipment for recycling waste copper wire. It can save resources and energy, protect the environment and create economic benefits.


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