Car Scrap Lead Acid Batteries Recycling Production Line

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With the increasing number of cars, electric vehicles, etc., more and more waste lead-acid storage has become nowhere to be placed, which not only pollutes the environment but also wastes resources. In fact, this can be recycled and turned into treasure, and battery dismantling The machine is to disassemble the old battery to achieve the purpose of reusing the battery lead.

Scrap lead-acid battery
Scrap lead-acid battery

So, what about waste car lead-acid batteries and recycling? General processing flow: use a disassembly machine to analyze and disassemble-get the plastic shell and lead, the plastic shell is passed through the crusher to obtain the plastic particles, and then the relevant equipment is used for reuse.

In addition, the lead blocks obtained from disassembly are smelted in cupolas and other equipment to obtain lead blocks with a purity of 97%, which can be recycled again.

The detailed process and related equipment are shown in the figure below:

Recycling flowchart of end-of-life lead-acid batteries
Recycling flowchart of end-of-life lead-acid batteries

On the one hand, the backwater of waste lead-acid batteries from automobiles can be used to reuse waste, and on the other hand, it can also solve the problem of environmental pollution. Not only can it bring considerable profits and benefits, it is more conducive to environmental protection, and it is a continuous recycling of resources. Industry.

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