How to deal with waste wire and cable, what are the methods of recycling?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, household appliances and means of transportation (cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles, etc.) are becoming more and more popular, and the use of wires and cables is increasing. With the upgrading of these things, the amount of waste disposal is also increasing .

How to recycle and reuse waste wires and cables, how should we deal with them, and what are the ways to turn waste wires and cables into treasure? SUNY GROUP will take you to find out!

Waste wire and cable
Waste wire and cable

At present, the methods for recycling and reusing waste cables are as follows:

(1) Incineration method: This method is a traditional separation and recovery method of "burning copper to get copper". It uses the properties of the combustible cable sheath to burn the waste wires and cables, and then recovers the copper inside. Incineration method In the process of wire incineration, the surface of the copper wire is seriously oxidized, which reduces the recovery rate of non-ferrous metals, and the burning wire skin causes great pollution to the environment. Under the current national environmental protection policy, this method is explicitly ordered. forbidden.

(2) Manual peeling method: This method uses manual method to peel off the skin of wires and cables, which has high efficiency and low cost. It is better to handle some cables and square wires. The separation effect is poor for other hairy threads. Today, with the development of the current economy, labor costs are getting higher and higher, and fewer and fewer waste wires and cables are treated in this way.

(3) Mechanical peeling method: The cable peeling machine is used for processing. This method still requires manual operation, which is semi-mechanized, labor-intensive, and low-efficiency, and is only suitable for processing thick-diameter cables.

(4) Mechanical crushing method: Mechanical crushing method refers to the method of using copper wire crusher for processing. Dongying's copper wire crusher adopts dry physical separation technology to extract metal and non-metal elements through crushing, separation and sorting. The metal recovery rate can reach 99%. Just put the waste cable into the copper wire crusher, and the pure copper rice and plastic can be obtained through the treatment of the equipment. The separated pass can be directly sold to metal processing plants for processing. Make metal items; plastics can also be sold directly to plastic processing plants and used as wood additives to achieve recycling of resources.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine


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