How to recycle waste circuit boards and turn waste into treasure?

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The metal content in waste circuit boards is as high as 40%, most of which is copper. 1 ton of PCB can extract 200~350kg copper; in addition, 1 ton of waste circuit boards can extract about 300g of gold and 500~2000g of other metals, so waste circuit boards How to recycle environmentally friendly?

Scrap circuit board

First, it is necessary to use a waste circuit board disassembly machine to disassemble the electronic components on the circuit board. The electronic component disassembly equipment, the board burning machine, and the waste circuit board tin recycling production line use electric heating or liquefied gas heating to heat the internal When the temperature reaches 120°C, the tin will melt, and the electronic components will fall off the circuit board with the operation of the host. High degree of automation, instead of dismantling by personnel, it has automatic dismantling function and automatic dust removal function, which shortens dismantling time and covers a small area.

Secondly, the disassembled waste circuit board template is placed in a crusher for crushing, and after crushing, it is ground by a grinder, and then it is sorted by an electrostatic separator and a specific gravity separator, and finally resin powder can be obtained. And metal powder, and in order not to produce secondary pollution, equipped with pulse dust removal equipment, will not produce dust pollution.

Waste circuit board recycling process
Waste circuit board recycling process

Equipment technical characteristics:

1. Adopting advanced physical recycling separation and recycling technology, using multi-layer combined crushing dissociation and ultra-fine classification technology, the crushing and dissociation effect is ideal, and the classification efficiency is high; the high-voltage electrostatic separation technology is adopted, and the separation accuracy is high and guarantees A 98% metal recovery rate.

2. The key technology is to organically combine special crushing and dissociation equipment for various waste circuit boards to achieve greater energy-saving effects in the production process, and achieve a high metal separation rate. The unit energy consumption per ton of waste circuit boards is only about 1/2 of that of similar domestic products; the hourly processing capacity of the complete set of equipment can reach more than 5 tons, and its price is only 1/5 to 1/3 of that of similar foreign equipment. And the recovery rate of copper is 3% to 5% higher.

Maintenance of waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment:

After the equipment is started, observe whether the running direction is correct. After confirmation, production can proceed

Regularly clean the circuit board recycling equipment, clean the internal and external components of the circuit board recycling equipment, to prevent the circuit board recycling equipment from being damaged for a long time and causing damage;

Regularly maintain the circuit board recycling equipment, and add lubricating oil to the ordinary bearings; check the equipment in advance before the equipment runs, and test the empty machine.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the recycling and reuse of waste circuit boards. After a series of treatments, waste circuit boards can be converted into reusable resin powder and metal powder, generating new value, and Can reduce environmental pollution. If you want to know more information, please contact us directly.

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