Operation instructions of pulse dust removal equipment

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The so-called bag filter is a device that uses fabric as a filter material and makes it into a pocket to capture the dust contained in the gas passing through the pores of the fabric. Its simple working principle is to use the fan to suck or press the dusty gas through the pipeline into the box with the filter bag. After the filter bag is dedusted, the clean gas is discharged from the box. The filter material and the dust it collects have resistance to the flow of gas. The more dust accumulated on the filter material, the greater the resistance to the air flow, and finally the gas flow delivered by the fan will be reduced to the point that it cannot meet the needs. Therefore, when the resistance is large enough to a certain extent, measures must be taken to remove the dust on the filter bag. It is the dust removal device that performs the dust removal task. The basic components that make up the bag filter include box body, ash hopper, filter bag and dust removal system.

Pulse dust removal equipment

Pulse dust removal equipment

Checks before initial start-up

After the dust collector is installed or restarted after a long-term shutdown, it should be carefully checked:

1.1 Pay attention to check whether all the joints of the shell are tight, how well the seals need to be sealed, whether the welding is airtight, whether the flower board is level, whether the ladder, platform and railing of the dust collector are clean, firm and reliable, and have sufficient lighting.

1.2 After the structural inspection, check the filter bag, whether the installation of the filter bag and the cage is in good condition, whether the cage installed on the flower plate and the top of the filter bag are tight and airtight; then check the filter bag in the ash hopper Whether it collides or not can be fine-tuned by hand.

1.3 Then check the mechanical parts to see if the intake and exhaust valves can be fully opened, tightly closed, and locked, and verify that the limit switches are in good condition and well lubricated.

1.4 For the cleaning system, check whether there is any air leakage in the connection between the air bag, the pulse valve and the injection pipe, whether there is any blockage, and whether the pulse sound is normal.

1.5 For the compressed air system, check whether the air source is sufficient. The injection pressure of the pulse valve is generally between 0.3-0.6Mpa, and the compressed air pressure should be kept stable (the minimum outlet pressure of the pressure reducing valve is 0.3MPa).

1.6 For the control system, verify the operation of the controller. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the fan of the dust removal system is in good condition. All instruments, power switches, regulators, monitoring and alarm signals, and protection devices are in good condition.

How to start the operation for the first time

After checking that the dust removal system is well installed and ready for use, the operation method for initial start-up is as follows:

2.1 Adjust the pulse interval time (operate the pulse controller), generally 30 seconds (adjust the interval time according to the actual gray amount).

2.2 When starting up for the first time, the filter bag should not be cleaned of dust (usually it takes about 1-2 hours, and the longest may take 6 hours).

Shutdown of bag filter

The shutdown operation method of the bag filter is as follows:

3.1 Before the equipment cools down, clean the filter bags in all compartments twice

Safety measures for maintenance operations

(1) When the maintenance operation is in progress, the power supply must be cut off first, and the operator must carry the key of the operation panel, and hang the sign "under maintenance, strictly prohibited" on the operation panel.

(2) During daily patrol inspection or operation, when dealing with faults temporarily, operators must strictly prevent clothes from being twisted into the transmission device. When entering the dust collecting hopper for cleaning or entering the filter bag room for maintenance, you must wear labor protection equipment to prevent dust from confusing your eyes or burning your skin.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to use electric welding and gas welding to repair the pipeline or shell during operation.

(4) When entering the harmful and toxic gas dust collector for maintenance, to prevent possible hypoxia and harmful gas poisoning accidents, the gas in the system can be replaced with air, and the maintenance can only be performed after confirming safety. Operating operations are strictly prohibited.

(5) After each overhaul, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are tools or other sundries falling into the equipment. Check whether each protective cover is properly installed, and it is forbidden to engage in it rashly.

(6) When the equipment of the dust removal system starts and stops, it must be contacted with other posts, and only after agreeing can it be driven or stopped according to the sequence of starting and stopping specified in the operating procedures.


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