Recycle Copper and Aluminum wastes machines

Time:2023-11-17 16:13:35 Author:Suny Group

With the continuous development of manufacturing industry, the generation of large amounts of copper and aluminum scrap has become an important issue in resource utilization. In order to efficiently recycle this type of waste, specialized mechanical equipment is required, including crushers, sorters, magnetic separators, flotation machines, electrolytic extraction equipment, and automatic transportation machinery.

The crusher is one of the key equipment in the waste recycling process. It uses mechanical effects such as centrifugal force or pressure to initially crush copper and aluminum scraps that are composite materials to make them more uniform in size and facilitate subsequent processing. Common crushers include hammer crushers and dual-shaft metal shredders.

Secondary crushing further shreds the crushed materials. The principle can be to use air flow or mechanical action to break the waste materials into smaller particles. Generally, the particle size is controlled at 2-5mm. This process is beneficial to subsequent magnetic separation and flotation separation.

Sorted copper and aluminum for recycling

Sorted copper and aluminum for recycling

The magnetic separator uses the difference in magnetic fields between copper and aluminum to perform main separation through strong magnetic fields. High-purity copper powder exits along one route, while aluminum powder exits along another route. This magnetic separation technology enables efficient copper and aluminum separation and provides high-purity metallic copper and aluminum.

The airflow separator combines the density difference between copper and aluminum powder. Specifically, light waste particles are easily carried away by the airflow due to their small inertia, while heavy waste particles are affected by gravity and deposit downwards. . By adjusting the airflow speed and direction, the movement trajectories of waste particles of different sizes and densities can be controlled to achieve grading and sorting.

Electrolytic extraction equipment is used to electrolytically extract high-purity copper powder and aluminum powder to extract high-purity metal copper and aluminum. This step can achieve very high purity, reaching 99.9% metal extraction.

As auxiliary equipment, automatic transportation machinery uses conveyor belts or material handling machinery for automated material transportation, which can improve the efficiency of the entire separation process. They can transport waste materials from one process to another as needed, realizing automated and unmanned operations throughout the process.

The cooperation of these core mechanical equipment can realize the automated and unmanned operation of the entire process of copper and aluminum materials from crushing to fine separation to metal extraction, paving the way for resource utilization. The application of this equipment greatly improves the efficiency of copper and aluminum scrap recycling, which not only maximizes the utilization of resources, but also reduces dependence on natural resources and promotes environmental protection. If you need related recycling solutions or equipment, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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