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Recovery Value of Scrap Cables

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Unused or broken electrical cords and cables, like extension cords, phone chargers and power strips, can clutter up your house. Thus, it becomes an issue of common concern about the recovery value of scrap cables. Here I will make a detailed introduction to the recovery value of scrap cables. 

1.Sources of scrap cables

Old cables are very common scraps in communication engineering, and you can often see large piles of leftover materials. Most of the old cables are disposed as scraps directly, but some old cables are also recycled and reused.

In general, old cable sheath is low plastic in PVC materials as it cannot be directly reused (generally, the grinding materials inside contain hybrid copper wires), and it must be re-granulated. But since the chlorine contained in the cable sheath is medium, the requirement to the granulating machine is not high. A machine with a single screw is enough to work, and most PVC granules are reused in producing new cables and wires.

2. The recovery value of scrap cables

The main purpose of recycling scrap cables is to refine various precious metals such as copper, aluminum and plumbum, which have high utilization value. 

3. Common methods for recycling scrap cables (Sheath Removing)

Manual stripping: The efficiency is low and the cost is high by using this method and the labor working environment is usually very poor; 

Burning: It’s a traditional method. You can get copper by burning off those waste plastic wraps, but it will cause thick smelly smoke and pollute the air. Meanwhile, the surface of the copper wire will be seriously oxidized in the process of burning, which will reduce the recovery rate of copper. This method has already been strongly prohibited by various countries.   

1)Using cable stripping machine: It still needs a person to operate the machine to strip the sheath of the cables, and the efficiency is also very low. Besides, it’s only suitable for thick cables.

2)Chemical method: Chemical processing scrap cables and wires was proposed in 1990s. A significant disadvantage of this method is there is no appropriate way to dispose those waste liquids which can cause great pollution to the environment. So, it’s seldom adopted.   

3)Cryoapplication: This method was also proposed in 1990s. The principle is to adopt liquid nitrogen as the cooling agent to make the cables become brittle under very low temperature. Then the plastic wraps and the copper wire will be able to separated via crushing and vibration. But the disadvantage is that the cost is too high to conduct industrial production. 

4)Cable Wire Recycling Machine, as a common waste wire and cable recycling equipment, has developed from the earliest water copper rice machine to the current dry copper rice machine, and achieves zero environmental pollution, compounding current environmental protection and sustainable The development trend provides customers with better quality products.

 Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine is mainly composed of crusher, air separation screen and pulse dust removal equipment, PLC control system, automation, high efficiency, low labor, no pollution, and low price, so it is widely praised and trusted by customers.

Anyway, technology improves at a rapid pace. About the recycling of scrap cables and wires, we always have the way. If there are a lot of unwanted cables and wires in your location, and you have already known the recovery value of them, please contact us Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery right now, we will be ready to help you start your cable recycling plant!


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