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Waste tire recycling processing line|Tire blocker

Time:2019-12-17 10:29 Author:Suny Group

SUNY GROUP provides you with a complete solution for the intelligent crushing system of used tires. As a manufacturer specialized in intelligentizing solid waste tire crushing equipment, SUNY GROUP has established automated crushing equipment production lines for many environmental protection companies and rubber tire resource regeneration companies.

Related supporting equipment for automatic tire recycling line:

Waste tire recycling processing line

2.1 The overall workflow is divided into the following steps:

1. Wire drawing machine: Pull out the wire from the tire ring so that the tire can be shredded directly by the shredder in the next process.

2. Shredder: Shredder shreds the whole tire after drawing into rubber blocks of 3-8 cm

3. Steel wire separator: 100mm * 100mm rubber block is processed into 10-15mm rubber particles, and the steel wire and rubber are separated at the same time

4. Vibrating sieve: sort the rubber particles of different sizes, and return the oversized particles to the rubber powder machine for secondary crushing.

5. Magnetic Separator: Removes small wires that may remain

6. Rubber pellet machine: The rubber from the steel wire separator can be crushed to a size of 1 mm. Particles are then screened and recycled to finer sizes. Due to the special design of the granulator, high-quality granules of uniform size can be produced. During the granulation process, 99% of the fibers are removed.

7. Fiber separator: remove foreign matter and fibers

Third, the advantages of automatic tire recycling equipment production line:

3.1. Strong flexibility, suitable for handling various specifications of materials.

3.2. Strong operability, manual operation and easier control.

3.3. Reasonable design, easy to operate and maintain.

3.4. While reducing costs, it can effectively guarantee the quality of the output.

Fourth, the main equipment of automatic tire crushing line:

4.1 Fully automatic tire production line:

4.2 Tire drawing machine:

1. Application of tire drawing machine:

Pull the wire from the tire bead so that the tire can be shredded directly by the shredder in the next process. It can protect the shredder, extend the service life and improve the working efficiency of the shredder.

5.2. Tire wire drawing machine structure:

The machine is composed of motor, hydraulic system and pull hook

5.3. Tire drawing machine principle:

The hydraulic system and the oil cylinder are driven by the motor, and the pull hook is connected to the draw rod of the oil cylinder. The movement of the oil pump and the oil cylinder causes the pull hook to make a reciprocating motion. Place the tire in the pull port, and the pull hook extends beyond the pull port to catch the wire portion of the inner ring of the tire, and then start the button. Due to the strong pulling force of the oil cylinder, the steel wire is pulled out as a whole, and the side of the tire side due to the role of the pull hole causes the rubber to tear, thereby achieving the purpose of separating the steel wire.

4.3 Tire wire separator:

The rubber block within 100mm × 100mm is processed into rubber particles of 10-15mm, and the steel wire and rubber are separated at the same time.

6.2 Tire wire separator features:

1. The rubber block is 100mm × 100mm and the rubber pellets are 10 = 15mm. The output of single machine is 400-4000kg / h.

2. The rubber block with steel wire can be processed into rubber particles, and the steel wire and rubber can be separated at the same time. Due to the special design of the movable knife and fixed knife, the machine has high working efficiency, stronger rigidity, higher wear resistance and longer service life.

3. Humanized design, safer, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

Fifth, the application of scrap tire rubber particles:

The fully automatic recycling line for scrap tires can not only use waste garbage, but also be able to dispose them in a centralized way, reduce pollution, and promote the high value-added use of waste tire resources. Sustainable development strategy.




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