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Efficient Waste Copper Wire Granulator Machine

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Efficient Waste Copper Wire Granulator Machine,Copper wire granulator  machine is specializing for scrap copper wires and cables.The diameter of wires/cables should be below 20mm. This machine with PLC control system and the efficiency of recycling copper from waste scrap wires/cables can arrive 99%.

Efficient waste copper wire granulator machine application:

1.Can crush the household wire, telephone wire, computer wire, automotive wire and cables within 0.1-30mm into granulator.

2.Adopt Dry-type processing, no water and no secondary pollution at the processing prcedure .

3.Copper wire granulator  machine crush the waste wire/cable firstly,then the copper will be separated from PVC plastic by this machine automatically and to achieve the comprehensive utilization of purpose, with a higher economic efficiency.

4.Copper granulator machine is the overall modular structure, easy installation and commissioning,and transportation (customer purchases power can be produced), and stable performance.

Efficient waste copper wire granulator machine Feature:

1. Design with high technology, ensure high efficiency

2. Extruder screw with latest technology, ensure not only high extrusion output and 100% plasticization but also high gloss for finished cable

3.High running stability and long life

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