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Waste circuit board recycling production line

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Waste circuit board recycling production line is used for recycling waste circuit board, the main function of get precious metals can be used for a second, no secondary pollution, fast recovery of the investment.

Waste circuit board recycling production line characteristics:

1. Comprehensive performance is good, has a unique effect in computer board, computer boards, TV board and other circuit boards.

2. Reduce artificial and human energy consumption, low noise, high automation procedures, improve efficiency, cover an area of an area small,

3 PCB recycling machine adopts a new method of plate filter, dust removal, there is no air pollution, no emissions.

4. Waste circuit board recycling production line appearance neat, replaced the traditional filter. Received praise from many foreign clients.

Waste circuit board recycling production line,Raw materials can be crushed and separated: waste printed circuit boards, all kinds of aluminum-plastic composite panel, food packaging bags, toothpaste tubes, plastic caps, aluminum foil paper, metal mineral processing and so on, all of the separation effect is obvious.

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