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Cable Wire Recycling Machine operation precautions

Time:2019-12-05 15:05 Author:Suny Group

Cable Wire Recycling Machine operation precautions


-1. Each machine works continuously for a maximum of 10 hours. If two shifts are required, production must be stopped for at least 1-2 hours, and the corresponding maintenance and fault inspection should be performed.

-2.After the daily work, the corresponding maintenance should be performed:

-a. Bearings and eccentric sleeves should be filled with lubricating oil;

-b. Tighten screws that are vibrating or easy to loose, such as air screen / water separator;

-c. Check the sharpness of the blade. Under normal circumstances, grinding the blade once can hit about 10 tons of wire, except for special materials;

-d. check if the airflow screen is damaged or the lower part is blocked by dust;

-e. Check the bearing eccentric sleeve for abnormal noise, heat and deviation during normal operation;

-f. Regularly check and clean the dust of the dust collector.

-3.Common faults and solutions:

-a. Card machine:

-i. Reason: The feeding is too fierce and uneven. The feeding speed should be strictly controlled. Generally, customers are advised to feed at least 3 times per minute. If the output is 300kg / h, 5kg per minute, and every 20 seconds. Feed once, about 1.6kg each time;

-ii. Reason: The connection between the motor and the pulley is loose. Generally, this cause will be accompanied by a harsh noise and a burning smell of rubber. At this time, the machine should be stopped to check the tightened belt;

-iii. Reason: If the jamming phenomenon is found to be inconsistent with the above two reasons, then the machine should be stopped to check the blade and the processing capacity is reasonable, and whether the blade replacement time is reached.

-Note: After the cause of the above jam is solved, the material in the crusher cavity must be cleared before starting up, and then start up.

-b. Material sorting of air flow sorter is not clean

-i. Whether the feeding is uniform, remember to keep the feeding uniform, so that the airflow screen works stably;

-ii. There is plastic in the copper, and the plastic discharge is normal. At this time, slightly reduce the vibration frequency. Note that each adjustment cannot be too large. Observe for about 3-5 minutes after the adjustment. If the plastic in the copper is copper, it is also covered by plastic. Please check the crusher screen

Whether the network is damaged;

-iii. The copper is clean, and the copper content in the plastic is increased. At this time, the frequency of the air flow sieve needs to be accelerated. Also pay attention that each adjustment cannot be too large. Observe about 3-5 minutes after the adjustment;

-iv. Copper and plastic are not clean: At this time, check whether the air flow screen is blocked, whether the spring leaf is broken, there is a problem with the bearing and eccentric sleeve, or the balance of the bottom of the machine;

-v. Copper and plastic are not clean: different types of raw materials have been replaced. At this time, the elevation angle of the airflow screen, the amount of bottom air entering, the amount of dust removal at the top, and the corresponding screen of the crusher should be adjusted according to the material situation;

-c. abnormal or loud noise from the crusher

-i. Reason: feeding too fast or entering other hard materials, according to the situation, reduce the amount of feeding or take out the hard objects;

-ii. Reason: The gap between the movable fixed knife is too large, and the gap between the movable fixed knife is generally controlled within 0.5-0.78mm; if it is too large, the output will decrease, the vibration will increase, and the noise will increase.

-4.Common materials and corresponding crusher screen, blade gap and linear vibration screen size selection:

Materials Crusher screen Blade clearance Straight screen
Communication line, automobile line and miscellaneous line 2.5mm 0.5-0.7mm 1-20mesh;2-26mesh
Soft square 3mm 0.7mm 1-18mesh;2-20mesh
Hard square 4mm 0.75mm 1-16mesh;2-20mesh




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