Waste lithium battery crushing, sorting and recycling equipment production line

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How to scientifically and effectively dispose of waste lithium batteries is a key point in the low-carbon, environmentally friendly and recyclable disposal of today's society. Because the rational recycling of waste lithium batteries can not only improve environmental benefits, but also have good economic benefits. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in various occasions, providing convenience to life and developing rapidly. Waste lithium batteries contain valuable metals such as nickel, cobalt, manganese, copper, and aluminum, which can be extracted and recycled for secondary reuse. Using the waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment, the useful elements in the waste lithium battery can be extracted and reused.

Scrap Lithium Batteries
Scrap Lithium Batteries

The lithium battery recycling and processing equipment mainly adopts the process line of physical charged dismantling, crushing, sorting, and cracking to treat retired lithium batteries. The charged lithium battery recycling equipment is intelligently controlled with one key, and the performance is stable by program control, with a very low failure rate and versatility. Taking into account economic efficiency, powerful functions and strong expansion functions, it enables feeding, anaerobic cracking, comprehensive combustion, heat allocation, material cooling, exhaust gas condensation, closed air discharge, friction powder removal, dust collection, comprehensive sorting, and airflow collection. , screening, waste gas treatment, inert gas supply and other systems have been integrated and intelligent to realize automatic production.

The entire production line operates under negative pressure, no dust spills during the production process, the production environment is cleaner and more environmentally friendly, and the dust emission concentration meets the environmental protection requirements. This lithium battery recycling and processing equipment scientifically and effectively separates, recycles, and disposes of the positive and negative materials of waste and decommissioned lithium batteries. The emergence of lithium battery recycling equipment not only alleviates the increasingly serious problems of resource shortage and environmental pollution caused by rapid economic development, but also It has realized the comprehensive improvement of the recycling of reusable resources in waste lithium batteries.


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