What Principle of Aluminum-Plastic Separated

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We all know that aluminum-plastic recycling equipment can handle a lot of aluminum-plastic materials, such as aluminum-plastic packaging, aluminum-plastic plate, medicine blisters and so on, the separation rate is high, it's the best equipment for the recycling aluminum-plastic material, the principle of it is?

What Principle of Aluminum-Plastic Separated

Aluminum-plastic recycling equipment is the use of electrostatic phenomenon for material (electrostatic separator, the high-voltage separator, electrostatic separator) your electric separation equipment series is have a series of technical separation, purification, grading.It with physical friction property, electric property, dielectric series difference, make the electrostatic force, gravity and centrifugal force at the narrow gap can be adjusted to 70 kv maximum voltage difference is about 1.5 mv/m strong high voltage electric field, the different object is charged by the excitation of power, and on the basis of static objects, different release behavior of the effective force such as gravity cast peace movement speed of the separation between different objects and mixed.


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